quiz-timeHow does your social media rate in your business?  Is it a necessary evil, something you think about when you have time, or are you using expert help and generating lots of new business as well as maintaining the loyalty of your existing clients?

Take this quiz to see how your company fares and which Packages will help you overcome any issues that may ring a bell with your existing strategy – if you have one.

Good Luck!

Question A B C
Who posts your social media?


Office junior Jane is young, so she knows all about it Whoever has time today Trained marketer
Do you have a social media strategy? Not really, just know we need to do it Not sure what that is Yes, we have an annual plan and schedule posts monthly
Do You know who your customers are? Just our regulars We are trying to gain some new ones but we are just not sure how everything works really We have a clear picture of our customer base
Do you find your number of new likes has slowed down? We have 350 likes but not much is happening now? We seem to be getting quite a few unfollows lately Our likes and engagement numbers are growing steadily
Are you looking to promote new products or services? Well, there is a new range coming in we think will be popular Our menus are getting updated, so we could promote that Yes, we are looking to target specific age group and geographical area
Do you use Facebook but feel you need other platforms now to attract new business? We have employed a new business development chap who suggested Linked In? We think our food looks amazing and heard people speaking about Instagram We have a multi-platform for our social media which goes out across several profiles
Do you feel your company needs some expert social media training? If Jane leaves, we don’t know who will be able to carry it on Well that would be helpful as we are all so busy and as it often takes ages to do it We would like to set up an in-house training programme across the various departments
Do you use analytics to help you post at the optimum times and target your customers? We know you can do it but haven’t really bothered so far Analytics – not sure what that is and if we did we wouldn’t have time! We use our Analytics at our monthly sales and marketing feedback meetings to measure our return on investment against sales
Are you concerned about the security of your router when people log in using your WIFI system? That is not a problem
for us
We always have people logging in at the coffee shop so it is a concern We already have a simple easy to use separate WIFI for visitors to use
Would your business benefit from a Data capture system that separates your data?
We gather the info but never do anything with it We are speaking about databases as we know it is important but we are always so busy to do stuff like that We have considered outsourcing our database capture and to better use the information to generate loyalty from our existing clients and attract new business

How Can the JAC Consultancy Social Media Services Help you?

Answers Problem Solution Package
Mostly A’s Social Media for your company is probably taking up more time than it should with no measured or guaranteed results and carried out by someone who does not fully understand the tools and benefits available A social media management package will provide you with a strong framework to learn how to effectively use and grow your activity and interaction with customers and clients Media Packages 2 and 3 would benefit your company with a clear analysis of what you need to adopt an effective strategy and help to implement it
Mostly B’s Your social media is more of an afterthought as everyone is too busy running the company to really make it a serious and effective marketing tool Social Media is on the To Do List, but other more operational activities are taking its place.  Getting a better knowledge about the benefits and creating customer loyalty across various platforms will be timesaving and effective Media Packages 4 and 5 would provide you with in house training to save on time and a presentation to everyone would provide knowledge on the importance and what is available that will fit your company profile best
Mostly C’s Your social media is planned and thought out as part of the overall marketing strategy Your social media would benefit from more targeting, using a mix of focused advertising campaigns to widen the customer base along with enhanced data capture to improve the speed of campaigns and return on investment Media Package 2 to gain in depth analysis of your sector to extend reach and more effectively target new clients. Retail or hospitality sectors our Data Capture Technology, Captivate is a highly effective marketing tool.

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